Week 2 megacanvass at Confluence Park

April 02, 2021

Moving into week 2 now, we are going to be gathering signatures again this Saturday to get Right to Counsel on the ballot in November! We’ll be starting from Confluence Park on the East side of the river, and we’ll have a folding table and sign set up so you can find us easily. There will be a quick training to learn about the initiative and how to effectively gather signatures, then we’ll be heading out for canvassing around the surrounding areas. Please come out and get involved with the campaign by canvassing with us! We could really use the support. If you’re interested in helping, please fill out the form here: bit.ly/NEWRcanvass. And as always, even if you’re unable to canvass, please come out just to say hi and sign! Every signature makes a difference. See you there!